Become a gardener

Join the waiting list

Since all beds for the season 2022 are already taken, we invite you to join the waiting list.

Being on the waiting list guarantees you a spot in line and it's also a way for you to support our efforts to make the garden more beautiful and grow the community. Thank you!

The gardening membership fee for a year is 200 kr. The waiting list fee for a year is 100 kr. First come, first served.

We will inform you when a bed gets available, for example, when somebody drops out.

Terms and conditions of being a member

Before you join the waiting list, please read the following. As one of Malmö city’s urban gardens we are obliged to follow certain rules.

If the graden is not taken care of according to the rules and there are complaints filed in, the entire garden will be removed by the city at the gardeners' expense. To make sure that this doesn’t happen every gardener agrees to the following terms when they become a member.

  1. All gardening happens at the gardener’s own risk. Tools and other utensils have to be safely stored so nobody can get injured and nothing gets stolen.
  2. The garden is open to the public. The garden is a public space which has to be kept clean and safe for everyone visiting it.
  3. Only ecological gardening is allowed. 100% chemical free. This includes all kinds of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Horse manure is allowed if dug down into the soil immediately.
  4. No invasive species are allowed. One common example of an invasive plant is mint. If an invasive plant is planted by accident, it must not be disposed of in compost, but instead in a trash can to prevent further spread. Trees and bushes are only allowed if the city agrees to them being planted. This has to be discussed with the garden committee that lifts the question to the city. Plants that have so called taproots have to be planted with great care to minimize risk for damage to the rooftop.
  5. Follow waste recycling rules. Use the trash cans that are placed on the roof top and around the building. We have a compost which is for decomposing plant waste (no food because that attracts rats!). It can be used to fertilise the soil in the next season.
  6. Fences and other kinds of installations are only allowed if there is a written consent from the city and managed by the garden committee.
  7. The entire garden is plastic and glass free. This includes green houses.
  8. Park only on official parking spots. No transport with cars, tractors etc is allowed off road.
  9. All products that are grown in the garden are for home-use only. They can not be sold. Exceptions to this are harvest festivals, plant exchanges, gardening activities for children and similar activities.
  10. Each gardener is responsible for their own beds. Gardening is seen as actively planting/seeding/harvesting/watering etc. Inactivity will lead to one warning and if no activity follows, the beds will be given to the next in line and the membership will be ended. No fees are refunded.
  11. The gardener is responsible for removing everything they brought to their gardening beds in case of the gardening contract being ended by the city.
  12. Gardening is only allowed in the raised beds and only in the marked area of the roof.
  13. The gardeners are to help repair and rebuild what was destroyed, if vandalism occurs.
  14. We follow Malmö city’s values.
    I meet every human with understanding and respect.
    I have the power to make positive change happen.
    I use my creativity to create change.
You need to read and agree to the above terms and conditions before you can continue to join the waiting list.
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